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  • Land and Forest/Winches

  • Model 7-10 - Gear Winches

    Model 7-10 - Gear Winches

    The three-point gear winches with own oil supply for the fully professional use are available in various models with train services up to 10 tons.

  • MAXWALD  - Winches

    MAXWALD - Winches

    MAXWALD for all types of tractors and each application ideally suited provides the correct 3-point winch.All devices meet the highest safety standards and are equipped with all ease.

  • MAXWALD  - Combination Winch

    MAXWALD - Combination Winch

    The winch is selected according to the intended use. The grapple is supplemented with an additional cable window for optimal cable management.The special advantage of COMBINED:There actually are two independent devices that can be quickly and easily separated and recombined.

  • Land and Forest

  • MAXWALD  - Skidding Tongs

    MAXWALD - Skidding Tongs

    Skidding tongs in proven robust construction MAXWALD are characterized by high performance and special skid ease of use.MAXWALD skidding tongs is available in 2 versions: Standard 1 and mammoth.

  • MAXWALD  - Small Cable Car

    MAXWALD - Small Cable Car

    The ideal accessory equipment Winch - to crawl in the steep and impassable terrain.The small cable car from the company. MAXWALD was developed in cooperation with the forestry training facility location / Gmunden and guaranteed ground and was friendly work at maximum efficiency.

  • MAXWALD  - Breaking Bar

    MAXWALD - Breaking Bar

    Targeted influencing the direction of fall in the heavy timber harvest.Movable ball head lifting plate and curved base plate.

  • Mountains and Local

  • MAXWALD UNIMOG - Front Winches

    MAXWALD UNIMOG - Front Winches

    In municipal operations at a road maintenance in Bavaria. 5to tractive power, radio control,.'The winds exceeded all expectations and is a huge relief for us. I am happy when I see you once again at a trade show. Until then, many greetings from Bayer. Forest ....'

  • Carrier Vehicles

    Carrier Vehicles

    Gear winch for protection in extreme terrain.4,5to.170m rope.Radio control.Special attachments for Aebi