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  • Grain Cleaners

    Grain Cleaners

     The McDougall Grain Cleaner is a single motor operation either Diesel or Petrol -  It has a screen area of 9.7M2 with a large capacity speed variator blower.

  • Chaser Bins

    Chaser Bins

    They come with a PTO unload auger and hydraulic floor auger drive with a 15' discharge auger. A Roll Tarp and Industrial tyres are included. 2 sizes available - 15T and 18T.

  • Model MK1 - Seed & Super Bins

    Model MK1 - Seed & Super Bins

    The McDougall Seed & Super Bin is 9 cubic metres with a 60/40 split and suits an 8 tonne truck. It comes complete with a roll tarp and a Honda Motor. The augers are 6.1/2' with a flow rate of approx 3-5 bag / minute / auger. We have a very simple drive system with only a couple of V belts & pullies.