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  • Beater Wagons

    Beater Wagons

    Designed to provide a more consistent and even mix, the McIntosh Beater wagon is an addition to the conventional chain elevator system. The unique design with three PTO-driven horizontal beaters allows for better incorporation and more consistent blending of different products. Bales are broken up so that cows do not have to lift their heads to drag the feed apart, resulting in less wastage. McIntosh Beater Wagons can handle round and square bales...

  • Tip Trailers

    Tip Trailers

    You expect a lot from your farm machinery, and McIntosh Tip Trailers deliver, every time. Our trailers offer exceptional tonnage ratings, thanks to super-strong chassis, heavy-duty deck runners and closely-spaced cross members. Combining a high quality of build and an emphasis on strength, McIntosh trailers have earned a reputation as the toughest and most durable farming trailers on the market. Smart design features help get the job done efficiently,...