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  • Wide-Corr/Centurion - Commercial Storage Hopper Grain Bins

    Wide-Corr/Centurion - Commercial Storage Hopper Grain Bins

    Wide-Corr Centurion hopper-bottom bins are designed for the rigors of commercial applications (including use in the biofuels industry) and withstand the extra stress caused by continuous use, extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy snow loads. Wide-Corr storage systems can be customized to your operation, including features such as special discharge outlets, longer hopper legs, and reinforced designs for higher catwalk support loads.Released in...

  • Magnum-G - Smoothwall Bins

    Magnum-G - Smoothwall Bins

    Designed to provide trouble free clean-out and superior protection from corrosion, Westeel's Magnum G smoothwall hopper bottom bins are perfect for the storage of grain, seed, and feed. The steep 40 degree cone slope and 19' opening help eliminate the potential for product hang-up.

Products by Brock Grain Systems - a division of CTB, Inc.

  • Grain Storage Systems

  • Brock - Model M-Series - Stiffened Grain Bins/Silos

    Brock - Model M-Series - Stiffened Grain Bins/Silos

    Brock Stiffened Grain Storage Is Exceeding Expectations. Brock's decades of storage design and manufacturing experience helps to make Brock's stiffened grain storage products Different by Design™! Because of that experience, BROCK® Stiffened Grain Storage Bins offer commercial users the best built-in value over the life of the product. Look at the advantages Brock's approach to grain storage products offers you.

  • Brock - Stiffened Hopper Tanks

    Brock - Stiffened Hopper Tanks

    Brock offers a full line of Stiffened Hopper Tanks for temporary wet or dry grain holding, overhead unloading or long-term storage. Brock offers you more models and choices – from 15- to 36-foot (4.6- to 11-m) diameter hopper-bottom holding tanks with strong, narrow-corrugation sidewalls and a maximum storage capacity of over 58,000 bushels (1,900 m³). These tanks are backed by Brock’s five-year warranty for stiffened bins – see...

  • Grain Handling Systems

  • Brock - Commercial Grain Sweeps

    Brock - Commercial Grain Sweeps

    Two Outstanding Choices for Grain Unloading. For unloading grain from a commercial storage bin, Brock offers two outstanding choices: the Brock MODEL ABC™ Bin Sweep or the Brock SWEEP-MASTER Bin Sweep.

  • Feed Bin Systems

  • Brock - Feed Bin Systems

    Brock - Feed Bin Systems

    When it comes to feed bins, Brock has built a reputation for offering customers more models, more built-in quality and more outstanding features. The result is a feed bin that lasts longer, is more convenient to use and does a better job over its lifetime.Brock’s feed bin product line offers you choices to help you get the bin you need to do the job:

Products by Bulk Tech, Inc.

  • Bulk-Tech - Steel Hoppers

    Bulk-Tech - Steel Hoppers

    Building high quality hopper-bottom steel storage bins is our business. Each tank is carefully built here in our Ontario facility and features