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  • Grain Dryers

  • ASTRA - Grain Dryer

    ASTRA - Grain Dryer

    The record efficiency of tower-type Grain Dryer, “ASTRA” Model, being a joint product of “MEL­INVEST” OJSC, Russia and “QED DRYER SALES AND MANUFACTURING INC”, USA, is achieved due to the innovative placement of the burner inside the dryer’s body. Multiple use of heated air (recuperation) minimizes heat losses, whereas the dryer’s efficiency factor reaches its max­imum value. This construction is...

  • Galvanized Steel Silos

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Flat Bottom Silos

    Flat bottom silos are meant for long-term storage of all grain types. They are used at companies dealing with grain storing, at flour mills, feed plants and fat and oil plants as well as at industrial enterprises.