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  • Feed Rollers

  • MenSe - Steel Feed Rollers

    MenSe - Steel Feed Rollers

    In addition to its patented flexible feed rollers, MenSe manufactures steel feed rollers without the flexible structure. The steel feed rollers are a cost-effective and lightweight option. The rollers are also available with surface hardening. Furthermore MenSe manufactures and delivers special feed rollers according to customer needs and feed rollers for sawing machines.

  • Rollers For Sawing Machines

    Rollers For Sawing Machines

    MenSe rollers for sawing machines are manufactured according to customer-specific dimensions and grip surfaces. Rubber cushioning reduces the surface damages of the trunks.

  • Flexible Feed Rollers

    Flexible Feed Rollers

    Precision, speed and productivity are the most important prerequisites for modern day profitable harvesting. The objective for MenSe has been to increase the profitability of modern harvesting by improving the critical point between the trunk and the harvester - the feed rollers.

  • Clearing Attachment To Harvester Heads

    Clearing Attachment To Harvester Heads

    The MenSe RT5 is a patented clearing attachment, which can be mounted as an attachment to all harvester heads. It can be used for integrated clearing and harvesting work enabling:

  • Clearing Heads

  • Operation & Properties

    Operation & Properties

    The Clearing head consists of two reciprocating blades with profiled tooth, attached to each other, to form a rigid, heavy duty cutting blade.

  • Hose Binding Accessories

    Hose Binding Accessories

    MenSe binding accessories offer firm and gentle grip for all hoses, tubes and cables. MenSe rubber coated hose clamps suit ideally to all installation needs. Rubber coating reduces hose damage and ensures accurate and safe grip. The bending hose clamp is easy and fast to install. The MenSe hose clamp consists of two parts only: the rubber coated clamp and a fastening bolt.