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  • Grain Body Tarp Systems

  • Select and Maximizer - Side-Rolling Tarpaulin System

    Select and Maximizer - Side-Rolling Tarpaulin System

    Electric units are available  for both the Select and Maximize tarp systems.  These electric units consist of a sealed  12V electric motor with a cover to prevent exposure to harmful elements.  This motor is attached to an aluminum pivot arm that is mounted on the front of your truck box.  This pivot arm holds the motor stationary so that just the motor shaft turns the roll tube to open and close your tarp system. ...

  • Load-Loc - Grain Body Tarp Systems

    Load-Loc - Grain Body Tarp Systems

    The 'Load-Loc' has extra wide tarp material to ensure the tarp material can be locked closed when load is heaped over the hoops/ cross members but once the load is settled the tarp fabric must be tightened to prevent blow off.

  • Grain Cart

    Grain Cart

    Proven Tension Control incorporates extension springs along with beveled pulleys on both ends of the roll tube apply constant and uniform pressure.A swivel crank allows for easy rolling of the tarp fabric. This swivel crank incorporates snap in style crank handle holders that are used to lock the crank in the open and closed positions.A center rod sewn into the tarp fabric is accompanied by a strap on either side to keep the fabric supported...

  • Hopper Augers

  • Hopper Auger System

    Hopper Auger System

    ALUMINUM or STEEL systems available in  8' or 10'Models for 1,2 or 3 hopper trailersThese Hopper Auger Systems are easily detached by removing 5 bolts.  Because each auger is equipped with a cleanout/ trap door, unloading at elevators, without removing the Hopper Auger system is accomplished.Transferring produce in fall is faster and easier.  No auger positioning.  Simply pull along side and...

  • Electric Combine Cover

  • Electric Combine Cover

    Electric Combine Cover

    The front roll tube assembly works together with the electric drive to provide tension for opening and closing the tarp system. The dome shaped hoods enable the grain tank to be filled to max. capacity and protects the see from blowing out of the hopper.Two interlocking hoods, molded from a high density plastic, are designed for easy removal, by using specially designed hood clamps. No drilling required. Specially molded track on the hoods seal...