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  • Micothon - Flora UVC

    Micothon - Flora UVC

    UV beams are part of the natural sunbeams and largely around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths from the UV beams (the UVC wavelength) kills virusses, bacteries and fungi. This property can be used for UVC disinfecting, and is a commonly used technology in food and medical sectors.

  • Micothon Mira - Automatically Spray System

    Micothon Mira - Automatically Spray System

    Spray your crops automatically and with airsupport technology and you will earn more money and notice happier employees around you. Micothon has developed its second system that is suited for plastic greenhouses. Two years ago the successful EX 4-row robot was introduced, today followed by the new one- row model: the Mira. Customers asked us to develop a better and safer spraying system for use of the available biological crop protection products....

  • Tube/Rail Machine

    Tube/Rail Machine

    The tube/rail machine is available in a semi or a fully automatic version. The fully automatic machine takes care of the completely automatic spraying of your greenhouse; just set the programme and it does the rest, in just one night your greenhouse is free of pests! The semi automatic Micothon delivers the same quality, but someone needs to be present to control the machine.

  • Micothon - Wheeled Machine

    Micothon - Wheeled Machine

    The wheeled machine uses the same Micothon technology but is operated by hand – you walk through the glasshouses with the wheeled machine. The great advantage of a Micothon wheeled machine compared to a standard wheeled machine is the patented air-assisted system used during the spraying. This guarantees the best possible coverage of foliage and less use of herbicides and pesticides.

  • Micothon - Model EX - Spraying in Plastic Greenhouses

    Micothon - Model EX - Spraying in Plastic Greenhouses

    The Micothon EX has been developed especially for plastic greenhouses. Spraying in plastic greenhouses, even nowadays, still continues to be done mainly by hand and is therefore largely reliant on the person who operates the sprayer. This means that pests and diseases are increasingly gaining the upper hand.

  • Micothon Amazone - Air-Supported Micothon Spraying System

    Micothon Amazone - Air-Supported Micothon Spraying System

    Discover the patented air-supported Micothon Spraying Technique brought to you by Metazet. Smart use of the Metazet Tube-rail M-Lift, 79% better spraying results, dramatic reduction of PPP’S, optimal crop protection, roi within one year. Specially for commercial greenhouse growers we developed a customized spraying machine that can be placed upon your M-Lift tube rail trolley.