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  • Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls

    Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls

    Our Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls are custom designed to maximize the use of space in your barn. We balance this efficient use of space along with the comfort of your cows. We precision manufacture our dairy cow stalls for durability and strength. These cow stalls are able to withstand the constant strain of cows leaning on and bumping them.

  • Hoof Trim Chutes

    Hoof Trim Chutes

    Hoof trimming is essential for keeping your dairy cows healthy and happy. Cows with sore feet may see losses in milk production, diminished breeding efficiency and a decreased salvage value in the case of severe lameness. Hoof trimming can be labour intensive, which is why we have designed our hoof trim chutes to make your life a little easier, and the hoof trimming process more efficient.

  • Mid Valley - Sawdust Blowing System

    Mid Valley - Sawdust Blowing System

    Mid Valley’s sawdust blowing system is specifically engineered to create comfortable bedding for your cows faster. Our sawdust blowers will save you time and energy, and more importantly, money.

  • Scraper Systems

  • BeerePoot Alley Scraping System

    BeerePoot Alley Scraping System

    The BeerePoot alley scraping system is a very dependable alley scraping system that gives you the option of rope/cable or chain drive. BeerePoot designs heavy duty alley scrapers that are built for durability and heavy use.

  • Alley King Alley Scraper System

    Alley King Alley Scraper System

    The Alley King alley scraping system is the most versatile and safe hydraulic scraper on the market. This hydraulic alley scraping system is a ratcheting scraper that cleanly and safely scrapes the alleyway without causing stress or injury to your cattle. The system is P.L.C. (Programmable Logic Controlled) with a remote mount operating screen, this allows for the elimination of any switches or electric wiring in the ground or close to any corrosive...

  • Gates and Stanchions

  • High Lift Crowd Gates

    High Lift Crowd Gates

    Our High Lift Crowd Gates are designed to gently move your cows without causing injury or undue commotion. Our goal is to allow maximum cow flow for your barn, without you having to do any manual herding.

  • Cow Gates

    Cow Gates

    Cow Gates are important for the organization and control of your barn. We custom manufacture cow gates to effectively organize the structure of your barn, and make the most effective use of the space available.