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  • MidWest - Durus

    MidWest - Durus

    The MidWest Durus is the new series of platforms, released in 2014. MidWest Durus offers the reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from our previous Crophawk model with new features designed to give you optimum harvesting performance.

  • MidWest - Durus Forage Platform

    MidWest - Durus Forage Platform

    Midwest have specifically designed and built a Durus forage platform to suit the forage industry. This is not an adapted harvest platform but a unique and powerful forage draper. The MidWest Durus Forage Platforms provide a durable and reliable workhorse for cutting forage crops. With a Durus forager, you’ll only need one pass to pick up the crop, saving you significant amounts of time and money. The carefully designed powerful drive system on...