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  • Tractors

  • Model 132Н - Mini Tractor

    Model 132Н - Mini Tractor

    Mini tractor has a drive to all four wheels. If necessary, the rear axle can be switched off. Cross-axle differential lock front axle. Clutch friction, multi-plate, permanently closed, working in an oil bath. Transmission, manual. Dependent (1200 rev / min) and synchronous (4.87 rev / m of travel) PTO at rated engine speed. High flexibility due to the articulated frame design. Intended for agricultural and maintainance equipment, transportation of...

  • Model 311 - Tractor

    Model 311 - Tractor

    The tractor is designed for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed implements as in industry and for transport operations. Small overall dimensions permit to use the tractor in greenhouses and small-sized areas.

  • Specialized Tractors

  • Model 80X.1 - Tractor

    Model 80X.1 - Tractor

    Capacity 81(81,6) h.p./ 59,6(60) кВт. Axle arrangement 4К2. Selective gear mechanical, with the lowering reducer doubling number of transfers.Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/4

  • Model 921.2 - Tractor

    Model 921.2 - Tractor

    Capacity 88,4(89,8) h.p./65(66) кВт. Axle arrangement 4К4. Selective gear mechanical/synchronized), with the mechanical / synchronized raising reducer. Number of gears FWD/BWD 18/4 (14 х 4)

  • Special Purpose Machinery

  • Model МП-320 - Wheel Loader

    Model МП-320 - Wheel Loader

    'BELARUS' MP-320 loader is designed for handling operations, short-distance transportation of bulk materials, site levelling, backfilling with fill ground; road, footpaths and squares cleaning from refuse and new snow. The vehicle consists of 'Belarus-320.3/320.4' base tractor and loading equipment. Manufacturer. Republican Unitary Enterprise «Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Assemblies Plant».

  • Forest Machinery

  • Forestry Tractor

    Forestry Tractor

    'BELARUS' L82.2 forestry tractor is designed for reforestation and forest treatment operations, and also for transport operations in thinning areas. Manufacturer: 'Mozyr Machine Works'.

  • Model TTR-401M - Skidding Tractor

    Model TTR-401M - Skidding Tractor

    'Belarus' TTR-401M skidding tractor is designed for collecting of assortments, full-length logs and trunks at selective felling and felling for thinning and also assortment stockpiling. Manufacturer: 'Mozyr Machine Works'.

  • Model MPT-461.1 - Load-Haul-Dump Forestry Vehicle

    Model MPT-461.1 - Load-Haul-Dump Forestry Vehicle

    'Belarus' MPT-461.1 load-haul-dump forestry vehicle is designed for collecting, loading and transporting of assortments to loading bays and directly to the consumer. Manufacturer: 'Mozyr Machine Works'.