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  • Carry-Load Scraper

    Carry-Load Scraper

    3 Sizes from 5 yard to 11.5 yard. These economical dirt movers scoop up and carry dirt. This is a great model for general dirt moving projects around the farm that do not require precision laser control.

  • Field Plane

    Field Plane

    3 Sizes from 12 ft to 18 ft wide cut. Field Planes are used to smooth and level rough fields, without changing the grade (slope). Patented automatic leveling action provides the most accurate leveling that can be done without using laser control.

  • Drag Scraper

    Drag Scraper

    6 Sizes from 8 ft to 16 ft wide cut. Drag Scrapers are used with laser control (optional) to precision finish, touch up, and limited land leveling. They work well for short haul dirt moving projects, and for smoothing, and small jobs that do not justify the expence of a Carry-Load Scraper.

  • 3pt Hitch Scrapers

    3pt Hitch Scrapers

    Various sizes and model of Box Scrapers and Scoops are handy for many dirt moving jobs on the farm. Miskin Box Scrapers (Model K) are used to smooth and level ground. Rear wheel (optional) makes the unit a mini Land-Plane. Skid Shoes (optional) control cutting depth. Hitch adjust for more or less cutting force to suit job.