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  • System Solutions for Tractors with Grader Blades and Scrapers

  • Model LLS-101 - Laser Land Leveling System

    Model LLS-101 - Laser Land Leveling System

    A common problem in agriculture is uneven land that prevents an even water and fertilizer coverage, which results in uneven crop stands,  uneven maturing crops and increased weeds. As a consequence, farmers report reduced crop yield and grain quality. The solution to prevent such undesired outcomes is easy: effective land levelling. Effective land leveling will optimize water-use efficiency, improve crop establishment and reduce irrigation time...

  • Laser-matic - Laser Land Leveling System

    Laser-matic - Laser Land Leveling System

    Grading plays a significant role in agriculture. On an even cropland, plants can equally be planted, watered and fertilized. Those efficient work processes not only save considerable time but also conserve resources. Through an optimized irrigation and fertilization, also a steady growth is ensured. The farmer thus benefits from an increase in growth of up to 25%! In other sectors, precise leveling is even important. In road construction, unevenness...