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  • Moly  - Flight Zone Avoidance (FZA) System

    Moly - Flight Zone Avoidance (FZA) System

    Moly’s Flight Zone Avoidance (FZA) system includes Moly’s TurretGate, Circular Fencing, Hydraulic Loading Chute, Dual & Single Alleys, Transitions & SILENCER Chutes. The completely customizable FZA system features easy installation and an easy anchoring system. The system is remote controlled, easy to use, and made from quality materials. Our engineers will work with you to put the pieces together creating a system that meets...

  • TurretGate - Advanced Gate System

    TurretGate - Advanced Gate System

    Less people. Less effort. Added safety. TurretGate is an advanced gate design that shuttles back through the Turret, re-positioning behind waiting animals. It eliminates the need to swing the gate back open into the waiting animals and virtually eliminates the need for humans to be in with the cattle. The gate is controlled remotely and significantly reduces the stress on animals, compared to the old-style manual crowd gates that pressure the animals...