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  • Agrihance

  • Agrihance - Model S - Seed Starter

    Agrihance - Model S - Seed Starter

    Agrihance-S is a seed starter that is applied on seed in row. It provides key nutrients needed for germination and early growth. Agrihance-S is designed to enhance plant emergence and root development.

  • Agrihance - Model V - Foliar Plant Food

    Agrihance - Model V - Foliar Plant Food

    Agrihance-V is foliar-applied, during the plant’s vegetative growth stage giving your crop the specific nutrients it needs from post-emergence to reproduction. The unique no-burn formula and tank-mix flexibility boosts performance without crop injury or making an extra pass through the field.

  • Agrihance - Model R - Foliar Plant Food

    Agrihance - Model R - Foliar Plant Food

    Agrihance-R is foliar applied and provides key nutrients during your crops’ reproductive stage. Agrihance-R delivers the best possible finish to your crops – enhancing the quality of grain, fruit, and vegetables.

  • Soil Conditioners

  • Monty - Liquid Carbon

    Monty - Liquid Carbon

    A soil conditioner designed to reduce soil compaction and improve overall soil health, it can be easily applied all year round, especially during pre-chemical application or burn down. Liquid Carbon enhances micronutrient uptake and breakdown of plant residue. Improve the health and vitality of your soil and maximize your yields with Monty’s Liquid Carbon (MLC).

  • Dri-Carbon


    All the benefits of Liquid Carbon, now in dry form. The same benefits growers have relied on from Monty’s Liquid Carbon, only in a granulated product.

  • Monty - Humi-Till

    Monty - Humi-Till

    Humi-Till is a unique blend of specific microbes and activated humics designed to decompose cellulose, lignin, and keratin in crop residue. Humi-Till also breaks down crop residue — significantly reducing your planting problems and making the nutrients in crop residue available.