Morris Livestock Handling Equipment

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  • Morris - Beef Crush

    Morris - Beef Crush

    A robust, heavy duty crush providing excellent general handling facilities. With good access, gates front and rear and the tried and tested morris Yoke with front and rear yoke levers this crush is a pleasure to work with. The height adjustable clipping bar gives three operating positions is removable.

  • Dairy Crush

    Dairy Crush

    With it's centre pivoted side doors, the dairy crush provides good access to the beast for foot trimming whilst maintaining it's overall general handling abilities.

  • Clipping Crush

    Clipping Crush

    Giving excellent, wide open access to the majority of the beast this crush now also has improved access to the neck for TB testing. At 2'6' wide, the Clipping Crush has two wide opening doors and a height adjustable clipping bar on each side.

  • Variable Width Clipping Crush

    Variable Width Clipping Crush

    All of the features of the Standard Clipping Crush (including excellent access to the neck) but with the added benefit of narrowing sides. A simple pull cord mechanism allows the sides to be set at several different widths which allows for simple handling of a variety of sizes cattle. If working with young calves, a Morris Calf Yoke can be placed between the open yoke bars of the crush.

  • Manual Hydraulic Squeeze Crush

    Manual Hydraulic Squeeze Crush

    Our Manual Hydraulic Squeeze Crush has the same substantial design as our powered squeeze crush (see below.)   The difference in the manual version is a  single hydraulic service to the squeeze sides which is operated by a simple hand pump lever. 

  • Mobile Cattle Handling Systems

    Mobile Cattle Handling Systems

    Designed at the request of our customers!! These systems are all built to order ~ bespoke for each customer. We have really taken time over the design of our Mobile Cattle Handling System. While the systems are, of course, extremely well built and robust, it is the thoughtful little details that set us apart from others.