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  • Harvesters

  • Baby Leaf Harvesters

    Baby Leaf Harvesters

    These Harvesters have been designed specifically for the Horticultural and Agricultural industries where they gather green tender leafed vegetables including Spinach, Herbs and watercress. They are unique in there design and because of there relative lightweight construction can be transported to any destination throughout the world. The main framework of each machine is hand made at our factory and all the harvesters are fully tested before delivery....

  • Pedestrian Harvesters

    Pedestrian Harvesters

    GLP 90-120cm range. Machine based on the Hinowa hydrostatic barrow. Walk behind pedestrian operated low cost – low volume machine.

  • Crawlers

  • Model CT 1703 - Crawler

    Model CT 1703 - Crawler

    The CT1100 model was powered by a three cylinder Kubota diesel engine giving 26hp and 35 and was built between 1989 and November 1993. This was followed by the CT1105, powered by a Kubota three cylinder, 28hp diesel engine. Three were built between December 1993 and January 1994.