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  • Plants Sampling Service

    Plants Sampling Service

    A general rule of thumb is to collect the most recently matured or fully expanded leaves. Sampling the proper part of the plant at the right growth stage allows comparison of the data to a known standard. The crop nutrient status of the field can then be evaluated. The greater the number of plants sampled, the better the data will represent the area.

  • Soil Sampling Service

    Soil Sampling Service

    Successfully using soil test results for crop management depends upon obtaining a reliable sample. Collecting a representative soil sample is difficult due to the variability within a given area. The sampling area should be grouped or divided into areas that are managed or fertilized separately or by the homogeneity of the soil. Subsamples are taken from the plow layer, ( 0-8 inches or 0-12 inches), the top inch of each core discarded, and the remaining...