Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

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  • Model 9700 CTS - Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

    Model 9700 CTS - Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

    The 9700 CTS is designed to reduce equipment capital and operating costs by performing so many operations with this one machine. Salford's unique design allows you to use the CTS for top soil tillage, minimum tillage, deep tillage finishing or deep ripping, to reduce your capital costs and maintenance. The 9700 can be configured with chisel shanks and/or parabolic shanks.  The heavy 1 1/4' x 4' shanks handle the CTS's trip pressure, adjustable up...

  • Dakota - 28` Aluminum Trailer

    Dakota - 28` Aluminum Trailer

    Undercoating; 22,500 lb. Capacity axle with outboard mounted hubs and drums; Anti-Lock Brakes with Automatic Slack Adjusters; Two speed 50,000 lb Landing Legs; I.C.C. standard sealed beam type Lighting; I.C.C. Reflective tape, Mud Flaps, Ladder and Catwalk (front & rear); 67' Height & 96' Width. All Trailers also come equipped with Shur-Lok roll Tarp.