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  • Firewood Processors

  • Model 1610EZ - Economical Firewood Processor

    Model 1610EZ - Economical Firewood Processor

    This economical firewood processor is the perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground.  The one operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 18” in diameter and 10’ long at a rate of up to 1.5 full cords per hour. This machine can easily be towed behind a pick-up truck and offers an optional integrated 15' firewood elevator for quick set-up and mobility.  The 1610EZ is the...

  • Vimek Forwarders

  • Vimek  - Model 404 T5 - Harvester

    Vimek - Model 404 T5 - Harvester

    A new generation Vimek harvester equipped with new engine from CAT with 60 Hk and a modern hydrostatic transmission from Bosch Rexroth. The steering front axle offers alternative width of the machine (1,80 m or 2,15 m). Improved environment for the operator thanks to rubber mounted cabin, new and modern display and mini joysticks as options contribute to a comfortable cabin.

  • Firewood Tumbler

  • Multitek - Firewood Tumbler

    Multitek - Firewood Tumbler

    Are you tired of receiving complaints from your customers about chips and debris? The Multitek Wood Tumbler is the solution. With features that include a 4 foot diameter barrel 10 feet long, adjustable height, pivoting chute, optional 13' foot offloading conveyor, and debris catching pans to collect the debris in a central area. The wood tumbler is a great way to gather the debris and then use it to heat your firewood kiln, mix into your mulch, or...

  • Log Buster

  • Multitek - Log Buster

    Multitek - Log Buster

    The Multitek large diameter log quartering splitter known as the Log Buster will quickly and efficiently split logs up to 10' long and unlimited diameter.  This unit is equipped with a 115 hp diesel powerunit and features a 40 second full cycle time. Reduce large diamter logs down to manageable pieces for use on your firewood processor, sawmill, biomass grinder, or other instances where logs are too large for your equipment.

  • Grapples & Attachments

  • Multitek - Firewood Grapple

    Multitek - Firewood Grapple

    The Multitek Firewood grapple is purpose built for carrying logs as well as cut and split firewood.  With a grated lower section and hold down clamps, cut and split firewood is easily carried and can be loaded into a truck, trailer, or into secondary conveyors.The firewood grapple is available in widths of 60 inches or 72 inches to suit customers needs.