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  • Model Series 20 - Pasture Harrow

    Model Series 20 - Pasture Harrow

    A natural choice in pasture harrows.  Strong, durable, generally suited to areas larger than 40 to 60 hectares (100 to 150 acres) or anywhere pasture needs an extra tickle up or working by a pasture harrow.  The Series 20 features 3, 4 or 5 rank tine sections. Standard (2’ 6”) or Super (5’) depth of rear Mesh Chain can be specified. Sizes available 2.59m (8'6'), 3.45m (11’ 4”), 4.31m (14’2”) & 5.18m (17’) coverage.

  • Model Series 04 - Diamond Harrow

    Model Series 04 - Diamond Harrow

    For weed control and final seedbed preparation. This rigid Diamond Harrow features sturdy square section, low draft, tapered tines to shatter soil crusts allowing improved aeration and moisture penetration.  Built in 1.016m (3'4') wide sections weighing 30kg (66lb) each and supplied in sets between two and ten sections complete with drawbars.