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  • Miscellaneous

  • Grain Pusher

    Grain Pusher

    The Murray Grain Pusher is designed to push grain considerably higher than is possible with a standard grain bucket. It consists of a blade which is attached to a long box section frame with Tractor 'Loader or Telescopic Handler mounting brackets at the opposite end.

  • Potato Box Tippler

    Potato Box Tippler

    The Murray Potato Box Tippler is a heavy-duty attachment capable of tipping 1 ton capacity potato boxes through a full 360 degrees to the right of left. Top and side arms are provided for locating the box in a position during the tipping operation, the side arm can be positioned on the right or left and both are adjustable to suit varying box dimensions. Drive is positioned by a low speed high torque hydraulic motor and transmission via a three...

  • Gravel Road Grader

    Gravel Road Grader

    The Murray Gravel Road Grader is designed to level out any gravel road that has fallen into disrepair, by levelling off the high spots on the road and filling in the low spots. it is possible to adjust the camber on the grader so that the road can be left high in the middle to allow the rain water to run off. The grader is fitted with three point linkage brackets so that it can be pulled by any medium to high powered tractor.

  • Log Grab

    Log Grab

    The Murray Log Grab is a ruggedly constructed frame with two fixed bottom legs and a two leg top grab hinged at the top of the back frame. The grab is activated by two double acting hydraulic cylinders. The shape of the bottom and top legs allows the grab to squeeze logs of various sizes. The log grab can be fitted to any tractor loader or telescopic handler.

  • Bale Handlers

  • Big Bale Stacker

    Big Bale Stacker

    The Murray Big Bale Stacker is designed to stack two big round bales up to 5' diameter on their end or on their diameter. The Stacker consists of a central rigid box section frame with a hinged gate either side. The gates have a row of short spikes on their outer edge and are activated by a double acting hydraulic cylinder Bales can easily be stacked 4 high with a front end loader or higher with a telescopic handler. Stacking bales with the Murray Big...

  • Big Bale Transporter

    Big Bale Transporter

    The Murray Big Bale Transporter is a multi-bale spike capable of up-loading four big bales up to 5 in diameter in one operation, so enabling the tractor operator to clear a field of bales in a very short time. The implement fits onto the rear linkage of any tractor and lifts the bales in two tiers, two on the upper frame and two on the lower frame. The upper bales being lifted clear by a single acting hydraulic cylinder to allow lower bales to be...

  • Double Bale Spike

    Double Bale Spike

    The Murray Double Bale Spike is constructed from heavy duty box section and has four heavy duty tines bolted into sockets along the bottom frame of the spike. The Murray Double Bale Spike also comes in a 'fold up' version, this is to allow the operator to fold the protruding tines up safely out of harms way when travelling along the public highway when fitted to the front or rear of any tractor.

  • Square Bale Stacker

    Square Bale Stacker

    The Murray Square Bale Stacker is designed to stack square bales up to 1200mm x 1200mm x 2500mm. The stacker consists of a central rigid box section frame with hinged gates at either side, the gates have curved tines bolted into sockets that are welded to the outer edge of the gates, the gates are activated by two double acting hydraulic cylinders. The Square Bale Stacker can be fitted to any telescopic handler or large tractor loader. The Murray...

  • Quick Hitches

  • Loader Quick Hitches/Adapters

    Loader Quick Hitches/Adapters

    The purpose of the Murray Quick Hitch Attachment is to allow the operator to change quickly from one implement to another. This is done by releasing the locking lever at the side of the Quick Hitch, driving out of one implement and into the next and closing the locking lever again. The locking lever can be operated remotely by a hydraulic cylinder if required and is offered as an option. The Murray Quick Hitch is a 'dedicated' hitch. For example - a...

  • Forks and Grabs

  • Muck Fork

    Muck Fork

    The Murray Muck Fork range is manufactured to suit from the smallest tractor loader right up to the largest telescopic handler. They are all well constructed from heavy duty box section to create a rigid frame, the bottom member is fitted with full width tapered sockets to suit the Heavy Duty Kvemeland type fines used. Muck Forks can be supplied with a fully enclosed back or with 'see through' back. Depending on the customers particular requirements,...

  • Muck Fork - Top Grab

    Muck Fork - Top Grab

    The Murray Top Grab further enhances the purpose of the Murray Muck Fork. Its construction consists of a standard Muck Fork with a top grab fitted. The top grab consists of a rigid box selection frame, which is pivoted on the top frame of the Muck Fork. Several curved tines are fitted into tapered sockets on the outer frame of the top grab. Two hydraulic cylinders activate the grab. This combination leads to a very versatile implement with a multitude...

  • Stone Fork

    Stone Fork

    The Murray Stone Fork is constructed from heavy duty box section to create a rigid frame. Heavy duty tines are fitted into tapered sockets along the bottom of the frame and also up each side. Tines are spaced very closely so as to contain all but the smallest stones. The stone fork can be fitted to the front or rear of any tractor, telescopic handler or loader.

  • Shear Grab

    Shear Grab

    The Murray Shear Grab Silage Block cutter is designed to cut blocks of silage from a silage clamp, its rugged construction comprises a front half with serrated front blade and straight side blades, which is pivoted to a heavy duty box section rear frame which has a row of heavy duty fines fitted in to tapered sockets along the bottom. The front half is activated by two large hydraulic cylinders which provide the cutting power of the Shear Grab. This...

  • Large Silage Fork

    Large Silage Fork

    The Murray Large Silage Fork is designed for extra capacity when loading chopped grass onto a silage pit. The frame is more heavily constructed and is fitted with extra duty tines bolted into large tapered sockets fitted along the bottom and the sides of the silage fork. The Large Silage Fork can be supplied to suit larger telescopic handlers and loading shovels.

  • Buckrakes

  • Push Off Silage Buckrake

    Push Off Silage Buckrake

    The Murray Push Off Buckrake comes in two different versions, one is dedicated to Telescopic Handlers and one is to suit the front of rear linkage of tractors. The Tele Handler version consists of a rigid back frame constructed from heavy duty box section, with a row of 1500mm long heavy duty tines along the bottom. The 'push off gate' is hinged from the top of the back frame, the gate also has a flap hinged at the bottom which follows the contour of...

  • Buckets

  • Grain Bucket

    Grain Bucket

    The Murray Grain Bucket comes in a range of capacities to cover all farm grain handling needs. Front and side leading edges are reinforced for extra durability, wear strips are provided on the underside and bracing on the inside of the bucket all lead to a grain bucket capable of enduring the rigorous of modern grain handling a range of fixing brackets are available to suit most loaders and telescopic handlers.

  • General Purpose Bucket

    General Purpose Bucket

    The Murray General Purpose Bucket is designed for heavier work around the farm or building site and is strong enough for digging stones and earth. It has extra bracing at all the stress points and has an anti-spill extension at the top. The bucket can be fitted with digging teeth if required.

  • 4 in 1 Bucket

    4 in 1 Bucket

    The Murray Four in One Bucket is a multi purpose bucket/blade with a variety of applications around the farm or building site. The Bucket comprises of two halves, the rear half being attached to any loader or telescopic handler, the front half or blade is attached to the rear half by two pivot pins at the top, the front blade is activated by two double acting hydraulic cylinders allowing it to be opened or closed to the operators particular...

  • Pallet Fork and Bag Lifter

  • Big Bag Lifter

    Big Bag Lifter

    The Murray Big Bag Lifter is designed to lift up to 4 Big Bags to a maximum weight of 2.4 tons. Two extra heavy duty tubes are welded to the top of a heavy box section frame giving the bag lifter extra height for filling fertiliser spreaders and seed drills. The bag lifter can be fitted with a range of mounting brackets to suit most tractor loaders and Telescopic Handlers.

  • Snow Plough and Blade

  • Snow Blade

    Snow Blade

    The Murray Snow Blade comes in various widths and sizes. The blade can be fixed left or right, or can have a manual slew left or right by removing a pin, or can be activated by a double acting hydraulic cylinder. All blades can be fitted with a replaceable rubber edge and castor wheels. Snow Blades can be fitted to tractors, loaders or telescopic handlers etc.

  • Snow Plough

    Snow Plough

    The Murray 'Vee' Snow Plough is designed to clear deeper snow than the smaller snow blade, therefore is more heavily constructed and has replaceable ware plates bolted along the bottom edges. They can be supplied to clear various widths, and can be fitted to the front or rear of any tractor or telescopic handler.