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  • High Silo Rotary Cutters

  • Komet  - High Silo Rotary Cutter for for Grass and Maize

    Komet - High Silo Rotary Cutter for for Grass and Maize

    The rotary grass cutter par excellence! Functional reliability, high discharge rate, safe for use in winter, great price. Suitable for grass and maize chaff silage (up to 25 cm), types available for silo diameters from 2.50 m to 7.00 m.Type I Silo-ø 2,5 - 3,5 m.Type II Silo-ø 3,5 - 5,25 mType III Silo-ø 4,5 - 7 m.

  • Model MSA  - Maize Silo Rotary Cutter

    Model MSA - Maize Silo Rotary Cutter

    Maize silo rotary cutter supported (MSA) for the top discharge of corn cob mix (CCM) silage and/or maize chaff silage, maximum fill and discharge output, unrivalled price. Types available for silo diameters of 2.20 m to 4.00 m.Type MSA 270 Silo-ø 2,2-2,7 m.Type MSA 300 Silo-ø 2,5-3 m.Type MSA 350 Silo-ø 3-3,5 m.Type MSA 400 Silo-ø 3,5-4 m

  • Model HMSB series - High Silo Rotary Cutters

    Model HMSB series - High Silo Rotary Cutters

    Hydromatic silo rotary cutter for CCM, fully automatic filling cutter, Austrian patent, safe operation in winter, types available for silo diameters from 3.00 m to 6.00 m. Larger silo rotary cutters (max. up to silo diameter 9 m) on request.Type HMSB 350 Silo-ø 3-3,5 m.Type HMSB 400 Silo-ø 3,5-4 m.Type HMSB 500 Silo-ø 4-4,5 m.Type HMSB 600 Silo-ø 5-6 m.Type HMSB 700 Silo-ø 6-7 m.Type HMSB 800 Silo-ø 7-8...

  • Maize Mills

  • Model 77 - Silo Feed Machine

    Model 77 - Silo Feed Machine

    Silo feed machine for tractor or diesel generator set, finest milling quality, maximum throughput rate, very simple screen change. Types with an output of up to 55 t/hour and a discharge height of up to 30 m. Can also be used as straw mill.

  • GIGA  - Model 4  - Maize Mill

    GIGA - Model 4 - Maize Mill

    Power requirement approx. 420 - 600 HP! (4-blade turbo blower with adjustable air-handling capacity - for maximum silo heights of 30 m). Milling output with CCM approx. 35 - 55 tons per hour. The maize mill GIGA 4 is currently the most powerful mill available in the European region. The pipe diameter is 300 or 250 mm. Speed and torque optimisation helped to achieve the highest throughput rate at the lowest possible fuel consumption.

  • Silo Spreader

  • CCM Mus-Mais - Silo Spreader

    CCM Mus-Mais - Silo Spreader

    CCM Mus-Mais spreader, electric drive, adjustable scoop, exact spreading, improved mixing of silage, functional reliability, can be used for silo diameters 2-5 m. Fore pipe diameter 210 mm.Electric drive for rotary and swivel motions.Voltage: 380 V.Pipe diameter: 210 mm

  • Full Grain Spreader

    Full Grain Spreader

    In full-grain silos with a large silo diameter (5-9 m), a problem with filling often arises because often a costly space of 30-60 m³ remains empty due to the material cone.A cost-efficient solution for the filling of the empty space in the upper area of the silo is the full-grain spreader made by Mus-Max. As this electrically operated silo spreader gently conveys the maize horizontally in the top silo corner by means of a disk plate, the silo...

  • Farm Technology

  • Mus Mixing Devices

    Mus Mixing Devices

    Feed mixer for CCM, soya and active agents, Austrian patent, with test certificate, diagonal mixer painted or made of stainless steel, with maximum mixing accuracy – also for medicinal mixing. Mixer types available with volume of 220 kg to 1,500 kg.

  • Automatic Feed Machines

    Automatic Feed Machines

    Pre-feed and end-feed automatic Mus machine for CCM with patented slackening device, stainless steel design supplied as standard, with plastic slide, available with 3 to 6 feeding areas. Austrian patent