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  • Augers & Hopper

  • Portable Grain Augers

    Portable Grain Augers

    The changes are so subtle, at first you might not notice them at all. But they're there: In a stronger undercarriage. In longer bearing life. Even in the way the auger is manufactured, using a precise welding process that cuts set up time by at least 50%. Take a look at our new specifications, then talk it over with your My-D HAN-D dealer. Because if you're going to buy even one new piece...

  • Truck Auger

    Truck Auger

    Here's the way lo fill drills, feed bunks. small bins and sacks. The My-D Han-I) iruck auger mounts quickly and safely to any truck bed and can be powered by any 12-volt DC battery. Easy to remove and store when noi needed. It will take the hard work out of a lot of jobs, and is an inexpensive, dependable helper that requires virtually no maintenance.

  • Truck Auger Hopper

    Truck Auger Hopper

    Bolts to back of truck bed with just two bolts. Easy to remove when not in use. Can be installed after truck is loaded with seed. Convenient cleanout door. Rugged 16 Ga. sheet metal construction.

  • Hydraulic Powered Tail Gate Auger

    Hydraulic Powered Tail Gate Auger

    The untt is mounted completely on the exterior of the truck to allow for full tarping of the load. The 12-volt control switch that controls the hydraulic solenoid switch is mounted on the end of the telescoping downspout.

  • Utility Augers

    Utility Augers

    My-D Han-D utility augers come in handy on so many occasions: at bins, in the feedlot. around the dairy barn, at feedmills and elevators. Move them where they're needed or permanently install them in your storage or grain drying operation.The 4-inch model can easily be carried from location to location. Operates horizontally, or at any angle. Tube is galvanized. Head bearing is a pre-lubricated ball bearing. Motor mount, truck stand and intake control...

  • Livestock Equipment

  • Round Bale Feeders

    Round Bale Feeders

    The My-D- Han-D HAY SAVER is constructed ol 1 inch square tubing formed on the diagonal lor greater strength with less weight. The 8 tt. 2 in. diameter HAY SAVER is made into 3 identical 4 ft. high panels. The panels' hinge*pin connection with spring cotters simplifies assembly and allows any section to open for loading. Feeding 3.000 lb. bales requires 4 panels, not only for the diameter, but to allow the HAY SAVER to collapse as the bale is...

  • Stock Tank Heater

    Stock Tank Heater

    Heavy material—will take livestock abuse. Fully automatic. Easy to light