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  • Round Bale Feeders

    Round Bale Feeders

    The My-D- Han-D HAY SAVER is constructed ot 1 inch square tubing formed on the diagonal for greater strength with less weight. The 8 ft. 2 in. diameter HAY SAVER is made into 3 identical 4 ft. high panels. The panels' hinge-pin connection with spring cotters simplifies assembly and allows any section to open for loading. Feeding 3,000 lb. bales requires 4 panels, not only for the diameter, but to allow the HAY SAVER to collapse as the bale is...

  • Utility Augers

    Utility Augers

    My-D Han-D utility augers come in handy on so many occasions: at bins, in the feedlot. around the dairy barn, at feedmills and elevators. Move them where they're needed or permanently install them in your storage or grain drying operation. The 4-inch model can easily be carried from location to location. Operates horizontally, or at any angle. Tube is galvanized. Head bearing is a pre-lubricated ball bearing. Motor mount, truck stand and intake...