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  • Rehab - Subsoilers

    Rehab - Subsoilers

    The REHAB is a specially designed low surface disturbance subsoiler – it increases available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

  • Subsoilers with Seeder Unit

    Subsoilers with Seeder Unit

    The REHAB subsoiler is available with an option of a seeder unit – ideal for drilling oil seed rape and cover crops. The individual coulters give an accurate sowing depth into a friable seedbed; this provides the ideal soil environment for each seed, ensuring rapid and even germination. Loosening the subsoil promotes a long and strong tap root. The 600mm row spacing and wide bands promote healthy and vigorous plant growth...

  • Zip-Til - Mounted Strip Till Drills

    Zip-Til - Mounted Strip Till Drills

    ZIP-TIL linkage mounted strip-till drills are ideal for medium to light soils, drilling straight into stubble, saving a huge amount of time and fuel. The ZIP-TIL design, incorporating high clearance and generously staggered coulters, ensures good trash flow giving the ability to drill direct into surface residue. The surface straw protects the soil from erosion and avoids locking up valuable nitrogen which in turn improves the soil...

  • Rezult - Five Row Tine Harrow

    Rezult - Five Row Tine Harrow

    The REZULT straw rake marks a major advance in straw and stale seedbed management, and is the ideal tool to control Black-grass, cut slug activity and accelerate straw decomposition. The REZULT features a five-row tine harrow, with the option to fit a set of leading discs in front of them. These discs chop straw and trash, and mix it with the surface tilth; the tines are then able to spread the mix over the full working width. The...