National Milk Records (NMR)

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  • Assisted Recording Services

    Assisted Recording Services

    All milk yields, samples and event information are collected and authenticatd by the NMR Recorder. Customers receive management reports on Cell counts, Fertility, production and genetic evaluation. Each month a trained Milk Recorder will visit your farm to collect health, fertility, yield and production events and take milk samples from each milking cow. Samples and yields are analysed at one of our three laboratories and management reports are...

  • DIY Recording Services

    DIY Recording Services

    This service reduces the cost of recording by replacing the milk recorder with farm labour. Events, samples and yields are taken by the farm staff and these are then sent to the laboratories for testing.  This service generates the same management reports as the full service and this data is also used to produce reports and analysis on Herd Companion, and customers can use the full range of on farm software. NMR will provide you with all the...

  • Farm Reports Services

    Farm Reports Services

    There are two options available to customers using our Core services (excluding essential sampling) - paper or web reporting. For web reports please click on the Herd Companion tab on the right hand side of the NMR site to see the full range on offer. If you want paper based reports then we have a range of them that can be delivered direct to you and/or your consultant or veterinary surgeon.Included in the cost of the milk recording service are Herd...

  • Payment Testing Services

    Payment Testing Services

    NML is the leading provider of payment testing services in GB. A subsidiary company of the NMR Group, NML operates out of two laboratories, one in Wolverhampton and one in Glasgow. Both laboratories operate 7 days a week and 365 days a year with both day shifts and night shifts to minimise the time it takes for samples to be tested and results returned to the customer. At these laboratories the latest infra red testing technology is used to test for a...

  • Microbiology Services

    Microbiology Services

    Microbiology services at NML can help you take the guesswork out of milk quality management with traditional culture and quantitative PCR.  By using traditional culture, problem areas of the parlour and milking procedure can be identified.  In conjunction with or by using PCR alone, identification of the pathogens within the milk can be assessed, identifying the key pathogens associated with the raised somatic cell counts, leading to...