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  • Maximix Feed Management Software

    Maximix Feed Management Software

    The Maximix feed management software was designed for improving labor efficiency,. accuracy and profits in both modem feed mill and livestock operations. The software. seamlessly integrates ingredient price management, real-time inventory control. formulation management and feed cost and usage reports.. The software has numerous user selectable and predefined printout forms, including customized mixing sheets. The user has the option of previewing the...

  • PCM - Version HMI - Feedmill Batching Software

    PCM - Version HMI - Feedmill Batching Software

    NDC inc has developed a complete HMI batch weighing software package that is specifically designed for dealers and contractors that specialize in customizing and manufacturing computerizing feed-mill batching systems. The graphical software is designed for interfacing an Standard computer with a Rice Lake 920i scale indicator with an industrial PLC. This in turn makes a system that is extremely flexible and cost effective. The software is specifically...