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  • Bale Stabbers

  • Model NV102-C2: 2 -Conus 2 - Tine Attachments for Skid Loaders

    Model NV102-C2: 2 -Conus 2 - Tine Attachments for Skid Loaders

    Moves bales, pallets, gates, etc. 47 1/2' wide with 10 degree tilt ahead. Tines 28' on center. Usually sold with 49' Conus 2 Tines (5' wide round bales, 4' wide square bales, sticks through 3x3 squares). Available with 39' Conus 2 Tines (3x3 or 3x4 square bales or 4' round bales).

  • Bale Feeders

  • HAY-AVERS - Bale Feeders‎

    HAY-AVERS - Bale Feeders‎

    Keeps bale off ground - less spoilage. A wood floor can be installed by owner. Cattle feed at animal height. No feeding over the top. Basket large enough for 6’x6’ bales (Model F 8X8). Easy to move with a loader. Can be hauled on a pickup - 6 sections. 28 feed openings. Recommend 1 feeder for approximately 25 dairy or 35 beef cattle. Weight – approximately 700 lbs. Painted black. U.S.A. Patent #5,158,040. Ends can be bolted in...

  • Multi Bale Feeders

    Multi Bale Feeders

    Multiple Sizes of Bales: 4' x 4' x 8' Rectangle Bales. Small Rectangle Bales. Medium Rectangle Bales. Round Bales (6 x 9 for full size 5' x 6' Round Bales).

  • Round Bale Feeders

    Round Bale Feeders

    9 foot diameter. 24 inch sheet steel bottom. Built in two half-round sections. Pinned one end for hinged opening. Chain fasteners for easy opening and closing. Patented. Painted black. Weight - 335 lbs.

  • Small Square Bale Feeders

    Small Square Bale Feeders

    Save your back, your bales, and your bucks! Rugged, all welded construction ensures quality. Easy to move. Hay stays IN the bunk. The V design cattle stalls prevent cattle from pulling out slices of hay by stripping the hay out of their mouth if they back out. Small calves cannot climb into the feeder. Feeds chopped, loose, baled hay, or silage. 16 ga. sheet bottom provides maximum hay savings that won't let hay spill out. Finish coated with black...