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  • Flail Shredders

  • Potato Flail Shredder

    Potato Flail Shredder

    This multi-crop flail shredder handles extremely tough crop conditions and is ideal for potato production. The dynamically balanced rotor is 10 ¾” in diameter and features a ½” wall. Combined with 2-3/16” alloy steel rotor shafts, this rotor is the strongest in the industry. Contoured flails are patterned to fit virtually any row spacing. The shape and speed of the cupped flails creates a suction that lifts the material...

  • Big Bale Choppers

  • Model C5000 - Portable Choppers

    Model C5000 - Portable Choppers

    The Newhouse portable bale chopper/bale feeder is equipped with 20,000 lb. axles with flotation tires for various ground conditions. Pintle chains carry the bales to the cutter head. The chains enter a slotted incline to lift the baled hay away from the risers and prevent hay from being pulled around the sprockets and wasted on the ground below. Plain/Smooth, Plated/Smooth or Plated/Serrated knives are available. Tailgate can be folded down to...

  • Mint Equipment

  • Mint Slug Spreader

    Mint Slug Spreader

    Optimally designed to return mint waste to the ground for by-product use and soil enrichment. This spreader works fast and evenly, requiring only eight to ten minutes per load.

  • Mint Root Digger

    Mint Root Digger

    Extracts mint roots and chops them into right-sized pieces for planting a uniform crop stand.

  • Mint Root Planter

    Mint Root Planter

    Designed to provide superior, even mint distribution. Planting depth and coverage are adjustable. Optional row planting widths are available.