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  • Heating Equipment

  • Forced Air Heaters

    Forced Air Heaters

    One method of heating greenhouses is the use of overhead unit heaters. These heaters operate off hot water, natural gas, propane or oil and function by blowing hot air from the heaters into the greenhouse environment. The heated air is then mixed throughout the greenhouse by use of horizontal air flow (HAF) fans or fan jets with poly convection tubes (which are not as common). These heaters are a highly efficient heating system when considering their...

  • Hot Water Radiant Heat

    Hot Water Radiant Heat

    Depending on your growing needs such as crop locations (on floor or bench) as well as multiple zone(s) hot water radiant heat is a great value. Costs are relatively reasonable and paybacks are quick with an efficient hot water system that places the heat closer to the plant.

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Basket Systems

    Basket Systems

    Gradually becoming a staple in greenhouses, a self watering basket system will do the irrigation on a hard to reach and maintain crop.  There is an added benefit of the basket system being a transport system to bring the baskets to a central picking area if desired.

  • Watering Booms

    Watering Booms

    Watering booms are able to uniformly and automatically do overhead watering on your predetermined schedule reducing labor and wasting water.  A boom is a great system for watering in tender crops such as plugs or when multiple crops are being grown in the same zone.  Different boom styles are available depending on the use and house width.

  • Coverings Systems

  • Metal Decking and Insulated Panel

    Metal Decking and Insulated Panel

    The best way to differentiate your business from your neighbor is to use a colored metal deck covering that stands out, particularly in retail garden centers.  The use of insulation in the roofs and walls gives you energy savings and helps keep your operating costs down.