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  • Onion Equipment

  • Onion Toppers

    Onion Toppers

    For most growers storing and drying to much top means underutilized storage space and the potential for increased fungal and parasitic infection, Nicholson Toppers help overcome these problems by accurately topping to the highest standard.

  • Windrowers


    The Company produce many different models to suit local conditions and outputs. Row widths range from 60 inch (1.5metres) to 88 inch (2.25metres). Number of rows from 1 x 60” to 3 x 88”. Discharge; single rows, 3 rows into 2 or 3 rows into 1. Some models are linkage mounted and some are trailed with steering. Most are fitted with star-lifters at the front; the eco version is fitted with a paddle....

  • Star - Lifter

    Star - Lifter

    Nicholson Star-lifters are used mainly on fresh or short day onions. By removing the soil from the roots while the onions are still upright the need for agitation on the web or lifting chain is reduced therefor reducing damage. For growers lifting the crop with the tops on, conventional raisers can leave some of the bulbs on top leading to sun scold and uneven drying, onions passing over the star-lifter are left on the ground and covered...

  • Model TT1800H - Tailers

    Model TT1800H - Tailers

    Used throughout the world by packers needing to maintain very high standards to ensure their products are the customers preference. Many packers use these machines almost 12 months of the year and the build quality reflects the need for continuous running with little maintenance. The machines are versatile with variable speeds and variable pitch the machine will handle; main crop onions, short day fresh onions, beetroot and some varieties...

  • Paddock Cleaners

  • Paddock - Model PC900 & PC1800 - Cleaner

    Paddock - Model PC900 & PC1800 - Cleaner

    Remove debris from ground to allow light interception to the grass roots enhancing regrowth. Lift the droppings in grasses up to 20 cm high making it easy for the brush to work. The rakes are assembled close together to ensure nothing is missed, each rake swivels to unload the debris,

  • Other Equipment

  • Model CL1200 - Cleaner Loader

    Model CL1200 - Cleaner Loader

    Cleaner Loaders are supplied mainly to load crops from field transport to road transport. Normally adjustable coils are a good choice in the cleaning section but other cleaners such as webs or star wheels can be fitted. Clearance under the chassis allows for cleaning out debris or a discharge elevator can be provided. 3 cylinder diesel engine with hydraulic variable speed drives.

  • Carrot Topper

    Carrot Topper

    The Nicholson carrot topper removes carrot tops to just above the crown, fitted behind the heavy duty blades is a rotating brush to remove the remaining top, the brush has an adjustable depth wheel, auto depth control is an option. Available widths are from 1.5 m to 2.35 m.

  • Mint Harvester

    Mint Harvester

    The mint harvester is specifically designed to remove leaves from the stalks without damage to allow regrowth. Working at 2.4 metres wide and up to 6km/h ground speed, the machine can be used for a variety of crops requiring gentle handling.

  • Tea Harvesters

    Tea Harvesters

    Standard machines to suit 2.4 metre wheel centres, other widths can be produced. Clean cut using high speed band saw. 8 wheels to keep the chassis steady at high speed.  Standard; Skid steer, hopper with conveyor discharge and hydraulic tailgate.  4 cylinder diesel engine with variable speed hydraulic drives.