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  • DARF

  • DARF - Model 917, 1017 - Overhead Rakes

    DARF - Model 917, 1017 - Overhead Rakes

    52' diameter HD rake wheels. 3/16' x 6' double tine rake tooth -  made in USA. Easy to use Rake Wheel Adjustments -  quick and accurate. Walking Beam Transport Axles. Twin sliding Overhead Frame -  gives additional strength & stability in rough fields. 'Quick Adjust' Leveling jack. Double lip and ball hitch clevis. Trailing mounted cranks -  allows more flotation of rake wheels . Anti wrap shield . Poly Shield.

  • DARF - Model 915BRP 3 - Point Mounted Rake

    DARF - Model 915BRP 3 - Point Mounted Rake

    Transport width: 13'6'. Weight: 2740 lbs. Heavy Duty tubing construction throughout. Versatility of three point hitch. All settings hydraulically controlled (open, close, up, down and swath). (15) 52' Diametor wheels. Poly Shield

  • DARF - Model 913HBRP - V-Rake

    DARF - Model 913HBRP - V-Rake

    Standard Features: Transport hitch for highway transportation. Raking width of 19'. 913HR - tractor hydraulic opening and closing - after repositioning a stabilizer bar. Poly Shield.

  • Buffalo

  • Nikkel Buffalo - Spike Tooth Sled Harrow

    Nikkel Buffalo - Spike Tooth Sled Harrow

    Heavy duty tubular frame. Strong 4' wide channel tooth bars with 5 angle positions. Individually mounted harrow teeth. EZ-adjust runners. Remove 2 pins on each runner to adjust up & down (over 10' range in 5/8' steps). 'Plane' off the top of all beds evenly.

  • Buffalo - Border Disc

    Buffalo - Border Disc

    Standard Features: 1-1/2' hi-tensile steel gang bolts. Heavy pillow block. Triple sealed bearings. Dirt shield. New Ingersoll Dura Tight™ end washers for positive holding of gang bolt assembly. Reversible gangs.

  • Buffalo - Shaper and Packer

    Buffalo - Shaper and Packer

    Standard Features: Equipped with heavy duty wrap-around tubular frame. CAT. II A-Frame. 6' wide x 73' skids. Replaceable steel runners. CAT. II 3-point hitch or pull type models.

  • Valleytown

  • Valleytown - Model VT10 - Vineyard Duster

    Valleytown - Model VT10 - Vineyard Duster

    Easy turning: A narrow profile makes turns at the and of rows easy and allow dusting late in the season when foliage is heavy. Trouble free: P.T.O. driven, the Valleytown Duster requires minimal power. It's almost maintenance free, with few moving parts and no plugged nozzles or hoses to contend with. All drive parts are easily accessible and ball bearings are grease sealed. The hopper holds an ample 200 pounds of material. Hookup is 3 point, Cat....