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  • Roller Mills

  • Rivakka  - Roller Mill

    Rivakka - Roller Mill

    The core of a Rivakka roller mill is its roller wheels made from high-quality specialty steel. The densely crossed pattern of the rollers actively pulls in any raw material to be crushed and carefully crushes even the smallest grains. A Rivakka roller mill crushes dry grain, peas and corn. The dump hopper of the mill is equipped with a grate and strong magnets. The mill rollers are steplessly adjustable and adjustments can be made easily from the...

  • Batch Mixers

  • Rivakka  - Batch Mixers

    Rivakka - Batch Mixers

    Rivakka batch mixers make a homogenous feed mix from many different components. Using the abundance of batch mixer accessories, you can achieve the degree of automation desired, from manual to a fully automatic mixer that also guides discharge of the prepared feed to different places.tun määrän automaatiota aina käsikäyttöisestä täysin automaattiseen sekoittimeen, joka ohjaa myös valmiin rehun...

  • Oat Dehullers

  • Rivakka  - Oat Dehullers

    Rivakka - Oat Dehullers

    The feed value of oats is improved by removing the oats' straw-like hull. The hull makes up approx. 20% of the oat grain, yet the feed value of the hull is exceptionally small. Dehulled oats can be utilized the best by sows, piglets, calves, broilers, hens and turkeys. Good results have also been obtained as dairy feed as well as in organic production. Dehulling makes oats fully a feed grain.

  • Grain and Feed Transfer

  • Rivakka  - Model 4 kW - Suction Pressure Blower

    Rivakka - Model 4 kW - Suction Pressure Blower

    A light and small grain transferring blower which is easily automated, for example in connection with a roller mill. A timer or level guard can be attched to the control centre. Also possible to have two 75 mm suction hoses wherein two grain types can be mixed while being transferred. With the aid of its wheels, the blower is light and easy to move.