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  • Teat Sanicleanse System

    Teat Sanicleanse System

    As leaders in the field of dairy hygiene, UK-based Northern Dairy Equipment Ltd is the manufacturer of the Teat Sanicleanse pre-milking teat washer. Our aim is to provide a system that is reliable, economical as well as profitable for the dairy farmer.The system provides a superior effective and reliable process in which the teat is washed, disinfected, dried and stimulated ready for milking. All this is done in approximately 10 seconds and the...

  • Air Sanicleanse System

    Air Sanicleanse System

    The Air Sanicleanse system is the product that is helping dairy farmers around the world improve the health of their herds, speed up milking times and improve stimulation of the cow teats. This advanced prep system means no other milking prep routine comes close to delivering the benefits that the Air Sanicleanse system can achieve. The system enables the user to carry out the one visit prep. Cows are washed, sanitised, stimulated and dried all in one...

  • Sanicleanse Sanitiser

    Sanicleanse Sanitiser

    To achieve maximum benefits from your Teat Sanicleanse system, Northern Dairy Equipment recommends the use of our specifically formulated high quality sanitiser concentrates. Teats not correctly prepared can easily allow bacteria to be brought into the system, which maybe difficult to control once established. Northern Dairy Equipment is the sole manufacturer of the Sanicleanse sanitiser. The product is uniquely formulated with a range of biocides for...