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  • Agricultural Spraying Products - Soil and Water pH Analysis

  • Novanna - Model pH Agrar 2000 - Soil and Water pH Analysis for Monitoring Crop Nourishment

    Novanna - Model pH Agrar 2000 - Soil and Water pH Analysis for Monitoring Crop Nourishment

    The pH AGRAR 2000 is an important tool for monitoring crop nourishment. Plants grow optimally when a pH value is maintained specifically for that specific plant type. The absorption of certain main nutrients can be hindered if the the pH value is either too high or too low. The technical manual delivered with your Stelzner product contains a detailed list of optimal plant-specific pH values.

  • Agriculture & Horticulture Equipment - Soil Activity

    Use these instruments to measure ion activity in your soil, which indicates the level and availability of nutrients. Plants grow in the best possible way when a balanced supply of nutrients is available in the the soil and this is dependent upon soil activity. Plants use their roots to take up the most chemically efficient concentration of ions which is also called ion activity. 

  • Novanna - Fertometer

    Novanna - Fertometer

    Potted plants depend on fertilizer to grow with full beauty and strength. Fertilizer is often improperly applied or neglected because it has not been practical (until now) to measure the actual nutrients in the potted soil. Measurements can now be converted into real-world fertilization tips by taking advantage of professional EC measurement technology. The Fertometer provides professional-quality measurement functionality for all users. It is now...

  • Novanna - Model PET 2000 - Activity Meter

    Novanna - Model PET 2000 - Activity Meter

    The PET 2000 activity meter can measure the potential absorption of nutrient salts under the same conditions as the actual nutrient salt absorption through the roots. This means that the dissolved salt content is measured in the soil and substrata and thus corresponds to the direct 'activity' within the plant canopy. The displayed units are g/l (e.g., grams of salt per litre of substratum). All related soil properties (such as fertilizer...

  • Agriculture & Horticulture Equipment - Soil Conductivity Analysis

    Electrical conductivity determines the electrical current between two points (electrodes) of different voltage potentials in a liquid. The conductivity increases as the amount of salt, acid or base contained in a solution increases. Conductivity is measured in units of mS/cm. The scale for water-based solutions starts with pure water (conductivity equals 0.05 µS/cm at 25 °C) and ends with a basic solution of 1.0 mS/cm (e.g., potassium solutions). Potable or surface water has a conduct

  • Novanna - Model CD611 - Pocket-Sized EC Tester

    Novanna - Model CD611 - Pocket-Sized EC Tester

    The CD611 is an inexpensive and pocket-sized EC tester. It takes quick and easy measurements in liquids and filtered soil solutions. It is suitable for use in horticulture, landscaping, aquariums, hydroponics, swimming pools, ponds and in the laboratory.