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  • Acidomix

    ACIDOMIX is a uniquely formulated blend of organic acids - formic, lactic and fumaric - and ammonium formate, encapsulated to ensure delivery of its acidification to the lower digestive tract. In addition to its preserving effects, ACIDOMIX has antimicrobial effective which helps reduce bacterial contamination levels and energy waste resulting in optimal growth rates.

  • ACIDOMIX  - Model AFG - Proprietary Blend of GEMs

    ACIDOMIX - Model AFG - Proprietary Blend of GEMs

    ACIDOMIX AFG is a strong antimicrobial effectively impairing the development of Gram-negative bacteria. Categorically, organic acids optimize healthy gut flora. By reducing bacterial contamination levels, ACIDOMIX AFG allows for aquatic species to effectively waste less energy, which results in optimal growth rates. Easy application to premixes andcomplete feed. Proven to support a healthy gut environment. Reduced risk of pathogen proliferation.

  • Xamacol

    Xanthophylls are naturally-occurring yellow pigments that form one of the two major divisions of carotenoids. The other is carotenes which provide the orange and red hues found in plants. Like other carotenoids, xanthophylls are found in the highest quantity in the leaves of green plants.

  • Xamacol - Model 20 - Natural Yellow Powder Feed

    Xamacol - Model 20 - Natural Yellow Powder Feed

    XAMACOL 20 is a natural yellow powder feed premixture containing 20 g/kg of total carotenoids, 16 g/kg lutein and 1 g/kg zeaxanthin, with mineral carrier. Packaged in 25 kg aluminum bags with vacuum valves, this product has a 12-month shelf life when stored under specified conditions.

  • Mintrex

    MINTREX is a chelated trace mineral that optimizes key production parameters above levels obtained by other chelated mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability. Only MINTREX can improve your bottom line by increasing salable meat, decreasing mortality, improving feed efficiency and improving immune response.