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  • Interlocking Gate Latch

    Interlocking Gate Latch

    The ODEL patented interlocking gate latch is designed to fit almost any make of field or yard gate. The latch enables you to easily lock two gates together.

  • Yard Mate Transporter

    Yard Mate Transporter

    The most adaptable transport unit on the Market. The Unit can be used to move animals, grain bags, or equipment around your factory or farm both quickly and safely. Sides can be easily removed creating a  flat bed trolley suitable for moving other goods.

  • Calf

  • Model ODEL - Creep Feeder

    Model ODEL - Creep Feeder

    Adjustable walk through. Fold up gates for ease of transport. Splayed legs for greater stability. Crow flap & overhang on lid/ roof for added weather protection.. Standard 3pt linkage. Large capacity hopper and trough. Hot dip galvanised.

  • Pig Products

  • Pig Batch Weighers

    Pig Batch Weighers

    New design now availiable with Extra Heavy Duty OverheaPIG BATCH WEIGHER d (XHD10000)Load cells and a floating platform to maximise accuracy and life of system.

  • Model Pig 7 - Lamb Weigher

    Model Pig 7 - Lamb Weigher

    Mobile pig /lamb weigher. Doors front and back. Wheels and handles for ease of movement.. Dimensions:. External: 1235 long x 545 wide x 1000 high. Internal: 1120 long x 395 wide x 770 high. Including Mechanical Weigh Head. Digital read out also available using TT250 Cell and Indicator of Choice.

  • Cattle

  • Fixed  Cow Brush

    Fixed Cow Brush

    This simple unit is mounted on a wall or RSJ in a free area of the shed. Galvanised steel frame. Replaceable plastic bristle brushes. Four vertical and four horizontal.. Ideal for scratching cow on its back and sides.

  • Crush Gates, Panels and Poles

    Crush Gates, Panels and Poles

    ODEL crushes offer customers a simple adaptable crush system. With options of hinged or fixed panels and a range of accessories, we can design your crush to suit your specific needs. Our experienced technical team is available to answer any queries you may have, or to give you practical advice in designing your ideal crush.