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  • AGC - Model 8 To 12 Wheel - Rake Caddy

    AGC - Model 8 To 12 Wheel - Rake Caddy

    Operates with 8, 10, or 12 wheel rakes. Hydraulic Fold. Low center of gravity, narrow transport width Removable Spindles. Wings lock for transport. Ability to offset rakes for heavy hay. Windrow width adjustment. Adjustable tension spring to vary ground pressure. Allows one side or both to fold or unfold. 50% more rake angle adjustments. Ability to offset rakes for heavy hay. Windrow width adjustment.

  • Cargo Strap Winder

    Cargo Strap Winder

    Save time wrapping up straps by hand for storage. Quick,simple to use and inexpensive.  Winds up 2'and 4' straps.  Winds from either end. Easy to remove strap after winding. Handle can be changed for right or left hand.

  • Hay Rakes

  • Ogden - Hybrid Hay Runner

    Ogden - Hybrid Hay Runner

    We have 8, 10, and 12 wheel high capacity carted options available for hay rakes. These hay rakes are proudly built in the USA! Our hybrid hay runner has a high clearance heavy duty frame with independent rake arms and come with adjustable torsion springs on each arm. Our torsion springs provide equal tension as the rake arm moves up and down with ground contour.  Our torsion springs help you control ground pressure, which results in less...

  • Ogden - Km Rake Caddy

    Ogden - Km Rake Caddy

    Our KM Rake Caddy features a low center of gravity. Our KM Rake Caddy reduces the risk of overturn. All KM Rake Caddy comes complete with hydraulic hoses, cylinder, and jack stand. Our kicker wheel kit is optional.

  • Harrows

  • Ogden - Flex Tine Harrow Carts

    Ogden - Flex Tine Harrow Carts

    Our Flex Tine Harrow Carts come in sizes of 7/16', 1/2', and 5/8' harrow. The 5/8' harrow sections can only be 6' long. We have 13 sizes available from 16' to 42'.