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  • OVA - Capstan Sharp Shooter

    OVA - Capstan Sharp Shooter

    Capstan SharpShooter uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology as a simple, clever way to retain both a set rate and a set pressure whenever a speed change requires a change in the liquid flow. The PWM valve instantaneously does so by automatically changing the effective tip orifice size. This coordinated rate and pressure control is possible through as much as a 6:1 speed range combined with up to a 2:1 rate change. This is all done without...

  • OVA - Cat Daddy Plot Sprayer

    OVA - Cat Daddy Plot Sprayer

    This plot sprayer works great and any ag, turf or research professional who does small plot work would benefit. Contact Ohio Valley Ag for more information regarding this plot sprayer.

  • OVA - Fertilizer Stream Bars

    OVA - Fertilizer Stream Bars

    Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of applying liquid fertilizer to a growing crop. The new Chafer Streambar MR has been designed to overcome some of the inherent problems with original Streambar design. The new system speeds up changes in application rate, simplifies installation onto all types of sprayer and minimises the risk of damage or twisting while spraying.

  • OVA - Endeavor Fertilizer Controller

    OVA - Endeavor Fertilizer Controller

    Shut- Off Valves: Capable of controlling 6 sections. Valves will have a 2 year warranty. Flow Meter: Raven RFM15 Standard equipment, .3-15 gpm. Orion Flow Meter Option: Digital technology converts fluid on flow into gpm, these precise flow meters work by utilizing sensors to relay pulse signals and converting them into gpm readings. Typical error is 0.5%.

  • OVA - Model DP-4000E - Dura Pumps

    OVA - Model DP-4000E - Dura Pumps

    The DURA-PUMP™ DP-4000E is self priming, can be run dry without damage,has an internal bypass, and is easily field repairable. The DURA-PUmP™ suction port is configured with a 2″ male NPT X 1″ Female NPT for easy plumbing capabilities. The discharge port is a 1″ Female NPT. The DURA-PUmP™ features a 2 year warranty.