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  • Dump Trailers

    Dump Trailers

    OJB_industries dump trailer are top of the line dump trailers for the high demanding customer. Our trailers will match and even outperform any trailer in the industry. They have a large capacity and an extremely heavy frame. All the trailers have European quality axles with drum brakes which can be hydraulic  or air operated. Our tandem is developed by OJB-industries inc itself and is unique and unmatched in the industry. All our dump bodies have...

  • Root Rake Bucket

    Root Rake Bucket

    OJB industries developed a root rake bucket with mechanical for on your excavator. With this bucket you can clean fence lines, clear bush and stumps and load brush. The teeth for the rake are made of 1.5” thick A571 Steel and are attached with each other through a 3”solid shaft. Plates made out of 1”steel are protecting the quick attach or end of the boom. Root rake buckets can be made for any size excavator with quick attach or pin...

  • Piranha Straw Shredder

    Piranha Straw Shredder

    For a large Dutch goat farmer we supplied our unique Piranha straw shredder. This straw shredder is loader mounted and will handle 3'x3', 3' x 4,' 4'x4' bales. Basically any size large square bale on the market. The bales are getting cut by 48 knives which are mounted on 2 6 inch drums. The knives are hydraulically driven and can turn in 2 directions. The straw shredder can be used by driving through the pen.

  • Manure Loading Pipe

    Manure Loading Pipe

    We make 8”, 10”12”manure loading pipes. They are equipped with a hydraulic scissor lift for lower and raising the pipe. Loading height is variable between 9’and 14’ The pipe has round elbows on each side for a smooth flow. All models are made of steel pipe with a heavy wall, long live guaranteed. Pipe has standard draw bar and two implement wheels. It can be painted or hot dipped galvanized. Extra hydraulic...

  • Calf Transporters

    Calf Transporters

    For on farm needs or on the Road OJB-industries makes simple calf transporter boxes. Different models are available and they are build to the customers needs. We have them for on the pick-up, mounted on skid-steer, loader tractor or pay loader and also trailed models are available. The Calf-boxes have a steel frame with PVC or aluminum checker plate sidewalls. The floor is made out expanded...

  • Rock Trailers

    Rock Trailers

    Recently OJB-industries introduced the new series rock trailers on the Woodstock outdoor farm show 2011. It is a design trailer which is made for hauling sand, gravel, rock, rubble, manure etc. This trailer is ideal for cleaning up fence lines or for on farm jobs. This trailer will leave any type of construction dump trailer behind and will be the best alternative for the ones who cannot afford an articulated rock truck but looking for an affordable...

  • Manure Spreaders

    Manure Spreaders

    We build fully hot dipped galvanized manure spreaders with vertical beater attachment.  The spreaders come in a 20 ton single axle model which hold 624 bushels struck level or a 30 ton tandem model which will hold 950 bushel struck level.

  • Truck Boxes

    Truck Boxes

    OJB- industries makes customized truck boxes for gravel, silage grain etc. We can design a truck box to your standard. We can modify the frame, add a pto, supply the hoist all to what you need. 28 and 22 foot box, both with silage tailgate. Tailgates can be hydraulic or mechanical operated.