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  • StorMax - Handheld Grain Temperature Monitoring

    StorMax - Handheld Grain Temperature Monitoring

    StorMax handheld grain temperature and grain moisture monitoring gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing what's happening inside your bin.  Plug in the StorMax handheld monitor and easily access grain temperature data, moisture readings and more, taken from the  temperature cables and/or moisture cables situated at strategic locations inside the bin.  Highly accurate digital data regarding grain condition gives you the information you need to determine...

  • Insector Insect Detection System

    Insector Insect Detection System

    Know what's living in your bin!  The exclusive OPI-integris Insector is an electronic insect detection system that is easily integrated with your IntegrisBasic or IntegrisPro Advanced Grain Management solution.  Dependent on the size of your bin, one or more Insector probes are inserted into the grain.  The Insector probe captures live insects and provides you with valuable data including insect species, quantity and density and the time the data was...