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  • High Strain Bandmills

    High Strain Bandmills

    Optimil's proven high strain Bandmills are designed to achieve the highest feed rates and the lowest sawing deviation.  Low friction linear bearing slideways achieve shorter set times and greater accuracy.  The over hung design allows close coupling and minimizes sawing deviation.  The air-over-oil strain provides fast response, excellent dampening, low maintenance and high accuracy.  Remote tilt allows for faster saw...

  • Canter Feed Systems

    Canter Feed Systems

    The Optimil Canter feed system consists of a heavy duty Auto Rotation Conveyor, Log Turner, and Skewing Slewing and Tilting Infeed, which are designed to presents the log to the cutting section in precisely the correct position as calculated by the optimization software to achieve maximum yield.

  • Two Sided Canter

    Two Sided Canter

    Conical side heads are designed to produce two sided cants while achieving the highest quality chips and maintaining the horizontal feed position of the log. 30 degree sideways, incorporating low friction linear bearings produce consistent quality chips and optimum accuracy. The patented non-rotating anvil provides superior log guiding and minimum deviation through the chipping section. A facing saw can be added for improved finish.

  • Edger Optimizers System

    Edger Optimizers System

    Optimil has entered into an agreement with Ron McGehee and McGehee Development Co. to market and manufacture the 2RS lineal board edger line designed by Ron McGehee and Rory Mitchell. This agreement combines the design talents of McGehee and Mitchell with the proven manufacturing and service capabilities of Optimil resulting in a truly leading edge product offering.

  • Optimil - Vertical Arbor Gang Saws

    Optimil - Vertical Arbor Gang Saws

    Optimil Vertical Arbor Gangs are designed for maximum throughput and maximum sawing accuracy. Our unique swing out door design enables quick and easy saw changes. Thinkerf climb cutting saws yield efficient sawing and improved throughput. Superior cant control is achieved through a design incorporating large roll diameters and close roll centers

  • Sharp Chain Systems

    Sharp Chain Systems

    Designed for today’s high speed sawmills running at over 400 FPM, the Optimil sharp chain system provides positive dogging and accurate transport through the cutting modules (Chipper heads, bandsaws or circular saws). The chain is side guided prior to the cutting modules for improved accuracy. The heavy duty planetary drive assembly, along with the vector drive provides precise feed speeds for quality chipping and accurate sawing.

  • Model WPM 2000 - Log Home Machine

    Model WPM 2000 - Log Home Machine

    This modular machine is the first of it's kind in the world to be specifically designed for machine-profiled log home manufacturing. The WPM2000 positively grips and transports the piece of wood through a series of modular wood shaping modules that will precisely shape the log.