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  • Folding Toolbars

  • Orthman - Model 1500 Series  - Cultivator, Planter Stalkpuller Toolbars

    Orthman - Model 1500 Series - Cultivator, Planter Stalkpuller Toolbars

    Orthman’s 1500 Series Toolbars are the leading folding toolbars in the row crop industry. The innovative internal fold 4' x 24' cylinders can be set to fold the toolbar to 90°, 115°, 135°, or 180°. 1500 Toolbars are factory set to fold to the degree specified with the order. 1500 Series Toolbars are available in size configurations up to 16 row 30'. Hinges are 14' wide and line-bored for smooth hinge movement and superior...

  • Toolbar Accessories

  • Model 1300 Series - Row Markers

    Model 1300 Series - Row Markers

    The innovation behind the Orthman 1300 Series Row Markers provide the producer with various attributes that no other marker in the market can provide. The rear-fold of the 1300 Series alleviates vertical clearance issues common to typical row markers. The compact fold design also increases visibility from the tractor cab. 1300 Series Markers are available to suit 8 row 36', 12 row 30' and 36', and 16 row 30' machines. An optional sequencing valve...

  • Model 1550 Series - Folding Toolbars

    Model 1550 Series - Folding Toolbars

    The industry standard setting Orthman 1550 Double Toolbars are designed and built to simply withstand the roughest conditions imaginable. The 1550 features double 7' x 7' toolbars with 1/2' center section wall (on all models larger than 8 row) tubing and 3/8' wall tubing wing sections attached by top and bottom welded gussets provide an extreme amount of strength.  The image to the right includes a welded-on hitch which is typically used for the...

  • Cultivator

  • Model 8315 - Rowcrop Cultivator

    Model 8315 - Rowcrop Cultivator

    The 8315 is the latest addition to the Orthman 8000 Series of Row Crop Cultivators. Rugged Orthman construction combined with a close-coupled tail section and parallel linkage creates a highly dependable machine capable of being tooled for many applications.The 8315 Cultivator is available in machines ranging in size from 4 row to 24 row, with row spacing options ranging from 30” on up. The 8315 can be built around a rigid, folding or stacking...

  • Model 8375 - Rowcrop Cultivator

    Model 8375 - Rowcrop Cultivator

    The new 8375 Rowcrop Cultivator is simply put . . . the industry’s most versatile rowcrop tillage tool. Unequaled regarding strength, versatility and performance, the 8375 is designed to operate in conventionally tilled fields as well as heavy moisture laden residue common to no-till operations.

  • Listers & Rippers

  • Orthman - Model 4000 - Bed Lister

    Orthman - Model 4000 - Bed Lister

    The Orthman 4000 Bed Lister provides producers with a perfectly shaped bed time and time again. The row unit is rigid mounted to the toolbar to provide a competitive price while the lister unit is fully adjustable to build the desired bed. 4000 Bed Listers are available in rigid, folding, and stacking models ranging from 6 to 16 row to match up with your operation. Teaming the 4000 Bed Lister with Orthman row markers allows a bed to be built prior to...

  • Model LB 333 - Lister Bedder

    Model LB 333 - Lister Bedder

    The LB333 effectively combines a field drainage (furrow) system with a firm, level, and ideally suited uniform seedbed. Fully adjustable lister units create precisely shaped furrows to provide the field with the ability to drain effectively as well as assist with furrow irrigation if needed. The rearward rollers firm the soil and flatten the perfect seedbed to provide the producer with an opportunity to plant in a seedbed of firm and moist soil, free...

  • Pre-Plant Residue Mgmt

  • Orthman  - Model 5SP - Stalk Puller

    Orthman - Model 5SP - Stalk Puller

    The Orthman Stalk Puller is a high-speed, low-horsepower fall or spring residue management tool. Large V-discs operate on the crop to pinch and pull out root balls, providing a residue-free seedbed that is perfectly prepared for the planting operation.

  • Model 5TT - Track Tillr

    Model 5TT - Track Tillr

    There is a very high concentration of customers who are farming under center pivots. While the center pivot often is the difference between raising a crop and not, they create challenges for the producer and operator. A deep, hard pivot track can create real issues with preparing a proper seedbed, often requiring multiple operations and still forfeiting quality. A 'track filler' was often used to do just that - FILL the tracks with whatever loose dirt...

  • Broad Acre Tillage

  • Lazer Blade Plow

    Lazer Blade Plow

    Conservation tillage machines designed by the farmer for the farmer. The Lazer Blade Plow conservation tillage machine possesses the tireless reliability and high quality workmanship farmers have grown to expect from Orthman. Advanced design thrusts the Lazer Blade Plow to the forefront of the industry. Working widths ranging from a maneuverable 26 ft. to a massive 55 ft. provide your operation with the opportunity to utilize the industry leading...