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  • Livestock - Electronic Ear Tags

  • CombiE - Ear Tagging System

    CombiE - Ear Tagging System

    Our electronic ear tags are ICAR approved. This means that they satisfy international standards for electronic identification of farm animals – ISO 11784 and ISO 11785. This also means that the ear tags are compatible with electronic scales, reading equipment and other installations that comply with the standards.

  • OS ID boluses - Model C20 and C6 - Electronic Identification System

    OS ID boluses - Model C20 and C6 - Electronic Identification System

    The OS ID® Bolus C20 and C65 are rumen pellets that enable tamper proof electronic lifetime identification of mature ruminant animals. Proven retention and reliability in the millions already in use. Tested and certified for safe use in ruminant animals in accordance with EU regulations.

  • Livestock - Visual Ear Tags

  • Combi  - Model 2000 - Ear Tagging System

    Combi - Model 2000 - Ear Tagging System

    Combi 2000® visual tags are Europe’s most popular tagging system for farm animals. For livestock owners and other participants in the production chain, Combi tags are a sign of quality. They safeguard the animal’s identity from birth to slaughter enabling traceability and documentation throughout the whole value chain. Combi 2000® tags are approved as official means of identification in many countries in several parts of...

  • Micro - Ear Tags

    Micro - Ear Tags

    Small, lightweight ear tags, suited to new-born lambs and kids.  Made from a soft and special plastic compound that keeps its shape. Tolerates significant temperature variation, sunlight and wear and tear. 2580_MicroLaser printed with numbers and letters. Large, easy-to-read characters. Supplied in series divisible by 10

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  • Biomark - Model 601 - Versatile Handheld  Reader

    Biomark - Model 601 - Versatile Handheld Reader

    The Biomark 601 Reader is  a versatile handheld  reader that withstands the elements.  It is water resistant, durable and designed exclusively for the researcher that needs the highest quality and performance in a light-weight, simple operation handheld device.  This reader detects both FDX-A (125 kHz) and FDX-B (134.2 kHz) as well as HDX tags. Includes features such as time/date stamp and decimal or hexadecimal display. The Biomark 601 Reader comes with...

  • Biomark - Tagging Station

    Biomark - Tagging Station

    The Biomark Tag station is a great tool for tagging larger quantities of fish accurately and efficiently. The tag station includes a high quality painted aluminum frame, laptop, tagging software, scale, digitizing board and FS2001F-ISO reader. The customizable software enables you to record such data as tag code, date, time, location, weight, length, abnormalities and other unique features that combine to provide a very detailed data set for your...