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  • Mobile Bench System

    Mobile Bench System

    Our mobile and rolling mobile bench system was especially developed for large horticultural establishments, in which benches with plants have to be moved at regular intervals in a time saving and cost saving manner. Mobile benches are a precondition for the automated processing of plants.

  • Watering Systems

    Watering Systems

    Today, it is impossible to imagine modern plant production without watering systems. OTTE offers you automatic watering systems, which are adapted to your individual requirements: easy to use, little maintenance required and highly reliable.

  • Transport Systems

    Transport Systems

    The OTTE robot transports containers, e.g. from potting to the culture hall, precisely there where you want them - fully automatically. Thus time-consuming transport operations can be carried out at the touch of a button. The OTTE robot can also be delivered as a mobile lift or fully automatic stacking unit for stacked cultures. From a magazine the OTTE ceiling crane fully automatically feeds...

  • Special Mechanical Equipment

    Special Mechanical Equipment

    Innovation with attention to detail makes OTTE special mechanical equipment stand out. The equipment complements OTTE mobile bench and rolling mobile bench systems and turns these into fully automatic plant and equipment for plant production. With the OTTE watering station you help your plants get an optimum start. Immediately after being potted, the plants are thus provided with water. The container washing machine from OTTE ensures rapid and...