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  • Mixing

  • Single Shaft Mixers

    Single Shaft Mixers

    The starting point for Ottevanger's development of this equipment is the strict requirements with which a mixer in the animal-feed industry has to comply. The mixer was designed to mix smooth-flowing ingredients, such as those used in the food and the mixed-feed industries. The mixer is used to homogenously mix meal and powdered products, with a limited addition of liquids being possible.

  • Continuous Mixers

    Continuous Mixers

    A continuous mixer was designed for the homogenous mixing of liquids into a powder flow, such as molasses into animal feed. The addition of the liquid is controlled using a dosing pump and the amount is recorded by a flow meter. A dosing installation ensures a constant flow of the powdered carrier substance, which drops into the mixer via the inlet. The solid main shaft, fitted with a large number of mixer blades, cuts and mixes the lumpy mass into a...

  • Grinding, Milling & Crushing

  • Crumbling


    Ottevanger crumblers were designed for the production of crumbs for pig food, poultry feed and fish food and for other products for which a high quality and uniformity are required in the reduction of the starting material with a minimum of grit. For maximum reliability during use all the crumbing machines are fitted as standard with a feed/distribution roller, capacity control and a separate drive for each roller.

  • Drying & Cooling

  • Dryers


    We are now seeing counterflow dryers replacing traditional horizontal dryers just as quickly as counterflow coolers replaced horizontal coolers. Ottevanger Milling Engineers is making all the advantages of the counterflow principle available for the drying of pet food, fish food, etc.