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  • Custom Trailers

    Custom trailer company, Overbilt, specializes in manufacturing custom flatbed trailers and heavy equipment flatbed trailers for your specific trailer needs. Flatbed Trailers from Overbilt come in several standard trailers such as 

  • Model 20 Ton - Tag Along Trailers

    Model 20 Ton - Tag Along Trailers

    Overbilt tag-a-long semi trailers are rated at 40,000 pounds platform carrying capacity. Most tagalong trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating, meaning if competitors have 40,000 pound trailers, subtract the weight of the tag trailer. The weight of the tag trailers is about 10,000 pounds. So, your net trailer payload cannot exceed 30,000 pounds. With our tagalong trailers, you have a net platform carrying capacity of the full 40,000 pounds.

  • Oilfield Laydown Trailer

    Oilfield Laydown Trailer

    Sitting amidst some of the richest oilfields in the United States, Overbilt Trailer Company has it’s fingers on the pulse of the Oil and Gas Industry. Having firsthand knowledge of the rigors of the oilfield and the demands that are put on it’s equipment has enabled Overbilt to maintain industry leadership  and continue to offer  a full range of innovative transportation products which enable contractors to make Overbilt a...

  • Dump Trailer

    Dump Trailer

    Dump trailers by Overbilt Trailer Company announces the addition of both Tandem axle dump trailers and Tri-axle dump trailers. As a custom mining trailer manufacturer, Overbilt configures these Dump Trailers to best meet your dump trailer needs. Overbilt dump trailers have an extremely short dump cycle time compared to an end dump...

  • Model 25 Ton - Lowboy Trailer

    Model 25 Ton - Lowboy Trailer

    Our lowboy trailers are top of the line 25 and 35 ton carrying capacity lowboy trailers. Trailer components, custom trailer construction and finish put us above all lowboy trailers manufacturers. Our 25 ton lowboy trailers have 50,000 pound trailer platform capacity and the 35 ton lowboy trailers have 70,000 pound trailer platform capacity. Other lowboy trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating, meaning if you have a 50,000 pound lowboy trailer, you...

  • Custom Gooseneck Trailer

    Custom Gooseneck Trailer

    Gooseneck trailer company, Overbilt supplies the finest gooseneck trailers on the market today. Gooseneck trailers from Overbilt have a 20-ton platform or 10 ton platform carrying capacity and are custom built gooseneck trailers. Overbilt trailers are available in gooseneck tilt trailer models and gooseneck tag-a-long trailer model in either a fixed gooseneck trailer or tilt gooseneck trailer, with beaver tail ramps on the trailer or without. No other...