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  • OysterGro - Compact Wire Mesh Housing

    OysterGro - Compact Wire Mesh Housing

    At its core, OysterGro consists of a compact wire mesh housing with two specially designed floats that provide an ideal, versatile environment for the growth, cleaning, sorting, protection and survival of oysters in a farming environment.

  • OysterGro - Flipping the Cages System

    OysterGro - Flipping the Cages System

    Flipping the cages will control bio fouling and secondary Spat. The OysterGro System is amongst the most efficient system on the market today to control fouling and secondary spat. The two floats (figure V) have been designed specifically for this cage and for this purpose.

  • Submerging


    The OysterGro® is specially designed for shallow waters inside of bays. The floats keep the oysters off the seabed, thus substantially reducing winter mortality rates.

  • Ro Floating

    Ro Floating

    Some growers handle this by constructing a platform on pontoons to make handling the cages easy and fast. Typically, the platform is equipped with a boarding ramp, hydraulic winch, worktable and re-floating ramp.