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  • Parasal - Model HYD - Chutes Set

    Parasal - Model HYD - Chutes Set

    Parasal Hyd Chutes set the standards for hyd chutes. We were the frist to put palpation doors in Hyd chutes. We were the first to put the hyd valves on a swing arm to go from one side to the other and to be able to position anywere around the chute. We developed removable sternum or breast bar you see in about all chutes today. Our standard chute is a lot of chute bulider's deluxe models.

  • Portable Alley & Tub

    Portable Alley & Tub

    Parasal Portable Alley & Tub  started it all, in 1980 the frist one piece Alley and Tub was build and 2600 units later they are still preferred by the cattleman . With it's simple design it still is the simplest and most portable system on the market yet today.