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  • Parker Ag - Agricultural By-Products

    Parker Ag - Agricultural By-Products

    Agricultural by-products are simply materials produced as a result of producing something else. In most cases, that 'something else' is a product we choose to provide ourselves as a convenience or comfort. Each byproduct has certain characteristics which make it valuable as a resource for us. Many contain nutrients which can be safely utilized for agriculture or horticulture. Examples include potato skins and cleanings, processed waste food, etc.

  • Parker Ag - Paunch Use in Undigested Feed and Food

    Parker Ag - Paunch Use in Undigested Feed and Food

    The undigested feed and food that is removed from the first division of the stomach of a ruminant animal, typically cattle, in which most food collects immediately after being swallowed and from which it is later returned to the mouth as cud for thorough chewing.